Room For More (2014)
Room for More (2014)
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Beth Ehemann
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3 1/2 estrellas!!Que bueno que me decidi por leer esta segunda parte porque me gusto mucho mas que el primer libro.Brody sigue siendo un divino total, dulce, tierno, protector con las twinkies y el novio mas lindo que se pueda pedir y Kacie a mi entender mejora mucho, si bien se manda las suyas en este libro se la ve mas segura con lo que quiere y dispuesta a conseguirlo. El drama Zach reaparece pero toma un camino que si bien en un principio no lo comparti despues entendi que es lo mejor para las gemelas. Por lo demas el libro se me hizo mucho mas llevadero y facil de leer, no me resulto aburrido y si me atrapo mas que el primero. Lo mejor sigue siendo Brody!!!!! Holy Goodness!! I loved book 1 and this book was just as good. Kacie is working at the hospital and runs into a ghost from the past. Struggling with whether to tell Brody or not ... She is emotional and stressed out.Just when she decides to tell him everything, it is too late. Together they make the best decision for the girls and work on their future.There is romance, struggles, and family problems. It is addicting!!Brody is just as delicious in this book. He deals with family issues and realizes just how in love with Kacie he is. At the end of the book you see one of the sweetest proposals ever!!! I don't want to spoil it... but SWOON... it was so unique, and cute, and sweet, and AMAZING. I read this book in one night and crave more already.HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I love Brody. He is so sweet, cute and sexy
Swooning everywhere lol.
Love, love, love!
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