Room For You (2000)
Room for You (2000)
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This book was a bit better than 3.0. A 3.5 is what I would give it. I did enjoy the story as I read... and was involved with the characters, but then it ended... and I soon found out it was a serial book. I will not read any more of them.... will let it end and I will finish it in my mind. I don't think authors should do that... make the book 500 pages, but complete it, don't ask me to buy 2 more books to find out what happens next. The story and writing style was ok. Brody is in my book boyfriend list but the only problem is Kacie. I get it, she want to protect her heart but sometimes she pissed me off so much. She's always over thinking and let what other people say get to her head instead of talking things out with Brody like an adult then pushed him away. She's also too prideful to say sorry to Brody after what she say to him. It takes two hand to clap Kacie, you can't always expect your boyfriend to take the blame about everything. Yes, i'm sorry for her after what she's been through but after Brody prove her wrong, it's like she's waiting for him to make a mistake so she can run away from him- Again. And i cringe every time people advice Brody to be patience and blah blah blah. SHE DON'T DESERVE YOU BRODY. Sorry not sorry. Also funny how i didn't realise there's a second book. Doubt i'm going to read it.
oh God. i hope there are guys out there like Brody. i want one for my twinky!
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