Rules Of Negotiation (2012)
Rules of Negotiation (2012)
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Entangled Publishing
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This is the first in the Bencher Family series from Inara Scott and boy does it start with a bang. This book sucked me in straight away and it's another of this authors books that I could not put down. The main characters are fantastic.Brit and Tori were a powerhouse pair. Brit is the über hot CEO who could pass for a male model but is a tad overbearing with most people in his life, especially his family and Tori is the workaholic lawyer who doesn't value her self, can't see how hot she is and is the daughter of a mother with Alzheimer's who is slowly fading away.These character flaws and yes they are flaws are what makes Brit and Tori loveable. Or at least to me. I enjoyed these two immensely and am lucky enough to be able to read the next two books in this series immediately where I'm sure they will pop up. The secondary characters are also a highlight. Brit's family will be the other books and I can't wait to read them as they were so much fun to read too. When Brit Bencher meets Tori Anderson while negotiating a deal, the sparks start to fly. As in stand back you might get burnt, fly. But Tori doesn't have the time or the inclination for a relationship and Brit doesn't do relationships, at all. But this doesn't stop Brit form asking Tori out. But when Brit finds out that Tori knows robotics genius Garth Solen, he puts into play a plan to use the attraction between them to good use. Seduce Tori to get the phone number of Solen so he can play white night and get his sister a job. But he didn't count on Tori getting under his skin and how quickly it happens. Tori has been burnt by a past relationship and is all for a no strings fling but when she finds out about Brit's plan she flees but is it too late ? Has Brit "The Slayer" gotten into her heart already and what should she do about it ? This author has become one of my auto buy authors and I'm sure she will be added to many more readers lists soon. I'm off to read the next book. I'm on page 23 of this book and it is currently interesting. I'm defiantly into it. Stay tuned for a better review later today. Until then lovely book readers. Enjoy!Wow I loved it. I think it could have been better but that's besides the point. I really loved how Brit pursued Tori even though his motives were off but he did it for his sister. There is another book after this one but it has to do with his sister, Melissa, and Solen. It's called The Boss's Fake Fiance. I think it should be good. Anywho over all I did enjoy reading this book. Until then lovely book readers. Enjoy
It was okay nothing fancy I liked the second book more than this one!
Enjoyed reading this book.
This book was enjoyable
nice easy quick read.
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