Russian Tattoo: A Memoir (2000)
Russian Tattoo: A Memoir (2000)
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Loved it! Gorokhova's writing weaves from present day U.S. to her past life in the U.S.S.R., giving the reader a great perspective of how challenging it can be for any immigrant coming to this country. Definitely thought-provoking on how easy we have it in the USA and made me ever more thankful for the decision my ancestors made to leave Russia before the communists took control.Thanks Elena Gorokhova for sharing your story. A memoir of mothers/daughters and the Russian immigrant experience and cultural disconnect. I enjoyed the anecdotes of the differences in daily life in Russia vs. the U.S.; things that get lost in translation or for which there is no translation. She does get to make return visits to the "changed" Russia vs. the Soviet Union but..."Along with all those who left their countries for other shores, I belong in neither land."
Really enjoyed reading this book. So many changes from life in Russia to life in the US.
Mother daughter struggles and concept of home and its relevance to identity! So good!
I read the last 119 pages straight through and sobbed at the end. Excellent.
I'm finished! *sob* I don't want to be finished!
Perfect memoir by a feminist!
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