Sé Que Estás Allí (2011)
Sé que estás allí (2011)
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8466647597 (ISBN13: 9788466647595)
Ediciones B
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I'm having a hard time pinpointing why I didn't like this. The writing was nuanced and lyrical, and I do love a good ghost (?) story. But regardless of whether the events in this book were real or a figment of Sarah's imagination, I found the characters so unlikable that I stopped caring about their fate. Who opportunistically fakes his own death and then forces his wife to bring him supplies and guilt her into running away with him? (Answer: David.) Who sleeps with his brother's widow just months after the tragedy, yet wants nothing more from her than a casual fling? (I'm looking at you, Nate.) And speaking of the widow, who PUTS UP WITH ALL THIS NONSENSE and carries on dysfunctional relationships with both men? If all of this did indeed happen in Sarah's head, then I suppose we can blame these reprehensible actions on depression or grief. BUT STILL. (In happier news, it turns out that I COULD pinpoint why I didn't like this. Hooray!) This is a story about grief and mourning.Sarah was married to David. He went to their cabin and encountered a storm when he was out canoeing. His canoe capsized and he was killed. Sarah kept him alive by continuing a relationship with his memory during which time she also had an affair with David’s brother, Nate.Up until the end of this book it was difficult to discern whether or not David actually died or whether he was pretending like he was killed in the canoeing accident so that he could drop out and live a calmer, more nature-driven life.Good Book and would recommend it to others.
Interesting story, one which left me pondering about marriage and taking care of oneself.
An interesting look at the stages and responses to grief.
One of the Best Books I have ever read. It was great.
Well written but not as suspenseful as I was hoping.
Very enjoyable and my sister liked it too :)
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