Sabor A Peligro (2011)
Sabor a peligro (2011)
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Harlequin Ibérica
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I love Lori Foster! I'm one of those people that will read anything by an author that I really like - and sometimes it's a bit of a downer because, let's face it, even your fave authors hit a bum steer story once in a while. That's kind of what happened in Savor the Danger.It's the 3rd (?) in a line of novels about an elite group of men who bust up human traffic rings. Trace (the leader) has a sister named Alani who in a prior novel was a victim of of one of these traffic rings (another victim was Molly who is now married to Dare the second top guy in this elite group)She has a crush on Jackson Savor (the third of the main group) but has never taken him up on his "offers" due to the kidnapping. Then one morning Jackson wakes up feeling like he has been through hell, with no memory of the night before ... and Alani in bed with him.Now this would have made for an awesome story. After all,Jackson has obviously been drugged, and it must have taken someone truly sneaky to slip something to a specially trained guy like Jackson (and when it's revealed who did it, why and how it's a little bit of an Ugh moment)Jackson is desperate to know what happened that night and is willing to do what it takes to keep Alani safe. He even goes toe to toe with her over protective brother to ensure that he gets to have the relationship with her that he's always wanted. The problem is that there is a lot of nothingless that happens. And that causes a need to skim read or outright skip pages. However this is Lori Foster - so when stuff happens it happens in the most awesome way.I enjoyed the story though I thought more could have been put into it - and it introduces another 2 characters in the series, Spencer and Arizona (another victim of the kidnapping ring who is out for revenge and annoyed that Spencer bet her to it) Jackson has been trying to get together with Alani ever since he’d first met her. But Trace’s innocent sister won’t let him get close, still trying to adjust after having been kidnapped by human traffickers. So imagine his surprise when he wakes up to find her naked in his bed with a languid, satisfied smile on her face and he can’t recall a thing. Sicker than a dog, he finally realizes he’d been slipped a roofie, but by whom and why? It also becomes obvious that Alani is in danger and when things start happening, it’s no longer clear to them just which of them is being targeted.One of the things the author does best is characters and making the reader feel like part of the growing family as each book increases that inner circle. All of the good guys met in the prior books in this series—with the exception of Matt the hairdresser—are on hand. This adds a level of humor as Trace, and even Dare, see Alani as just their innocent little sister. On the whole I enjoyed the story, although I have to say the “What does the other person really think of me?” thoughts take up a lot of the story, as does the sex. Alani not only questions but balks at any order, even if it’s to keep her safe and the secrecy of what the guys do drives her nuts.Jackson’s character is easy to appreciate, not just with looks but with his actions. One thing just doesn’t ring true for me and that’s the explanation of how he is so good at what he does. A construction worker who likes to work out, bulk up and not afraid of a fight and has a driving urge to protect others just doesn’t become some expert in stealth and handling weapons without some kind of specialized training. But that aspect is easy to ignore as he constantly proves himself more than competent.An enjoyable read and we meet the characters, Arizona and Spencer, who are showcased in the next book. I’m looking forward to that.
oh my Jackson! good action but horrible cover...dude looks creepy thin man crazy
Sexy hero, likeable enough heroine, interesting angle with the human trafficking
This book was AMAZING!!! loved it!! cant wait to read the others!!
hot military action hero, real steamy scenes,loved it
Slow at first the 2nd half moved along much better.
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