Safekeeping (2012)
Safekeeping (2012)
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Safekeeping by Karen Hesse was filled with beautiful writing and expert descriptions. The only problem was the lack of plot and dynamic. As I read the book I continuously asked myself when is this going to pick up? When is the plot going to begin? When are we going to go see Radley go face the music and fight for her family? And it never happened. In fact once I reached the end of the book I just sat staring at the cover a while wondering how I had finished the book and contained no sense of the book's purpose. Obviously the book's messages were clear that the family you have isn't always based on blood, or that you can achieve things you never knew you could, etc. But the main plot of the book the focus the huge center that leaves me questioning myself long after I've finished reading was missing. I found myself caring less about Radley and Celia as they spoke of their stories and wondered about the stories going on in America. I was wondering about the plot happening away from the characters and not near them. The most interesting period that was given to Radley was when she spoke about Haiti and the children that lived there. It gave her a sense of purpose instead of walking along a road. While I know that the road is symbolic and important it just didn't capture my interest as much as it really should have. I wasn't fond of the plot in the book, but I did enjoy the style it was written in and how well it was written for such a flat, boring, and static plot. Brought tears to my eyes...when you first start reading you find this book really boring but without there being much action she can convey so much emotion its spectacular. If you don't love this book when you read it I dont understand you! This isn't really about American Anarcy, the book is about a girl whose so dependent on others finding her way. Its sort of moral is more towards never take anything for granted rather then america has a bad government. It's not a dystopian, she got her inspiration from Haiti and she tried to convey that in the book. There struggles, struggles of not having basic things because of certain hardships. The hardship doesn't matter its the message.
Love this book with it taken place in Vermont and the black and white photos added a nice touch.
Slow moving. Beautiful descriptions but plot seemed quite a stretch at times.
Definitely YALIT very dark, scary because it is too real
Beautiful YA.
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