Saga. Capítulo Cuatro (2014)
Saga. Capítulo cuatro (2014)
4.54 of 5 Votes: 5
8468478903 (ISBN13: 9788468478906)
Planeta DeAgostini
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Really enjoying this story. Some of the threads are a little weird, but the main story of Marko and Alana is heartbreaking and heartwarming. Despite being dubious at the start, Izabel has quickly become my favourite character. I love the family dynamic Saga achieves, and weird balance it reaches between sci-fi, fantasy and just plain bizarre. Warning: don't read if violence or sex weirds you out! But "To Be Continued..."?? Really?! It was getting so intense! Can't wait for the next installment. Saga is just the best. I hoarded this book a bit, got it when it came out but saved it for when I needed a really good read. That day when beauty, and a great story will pull you out of the muck and mire. And it did. I think there was some sighing involved as I read... Happy, in love type sighing. As with all the Saga I've read so far I'll be delighted to keep going back to it and enjoy rereads, finding (and feeling!) new things each time. But oh Brian and Fiona!! What a way to end the comic, what a crazy cliffhanger!! I won't spoiler for anyone, but now I'm all fired up and poorly ready to wait for the next trade release...
This series just keeps getting better and better!
This is such s great series! I need more!
Pure awesomesauce. Enough said.
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