Saga Tome 3 (2014)
Saga tome 3 (2014)
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Reprints Saga #13-18 (August 2013-January 2014). Alana and Marko have travelled to Quietus to find D. Oswald Heist, the man who wrote the novel that inspired their love. Hiding on Quietus with Marko’s mother Klara, their spirit nanny Izabel, and their child Hazel, Alana and Marko feel that the world is against them…and could Heist’s writing of A Night Time Smoke just be a cosmic joke or the real meaning of life? The Will, Gwendolyn, Slave Girl (renamed Sophie), and Lying Cat try to get off a planet that could be deadly, and Prince Robot IV seeks out the runaway rebels. When reporters Upsher and Doff get wind of the romance that could be one of the biggest stories of the war, they become targets themselves.Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, Saga—Volume 3 continues the story of Saga—Volume 2 and represents the end of the first arc of the series. The series continues to rack up awards and volumes one through three are also collected as Saga: Book One.Saga can do no wrong for me. The book continues to develop and change, and even when the story isn’t moving much, it still is better than most of the books out on the market simple due to the fantastic art of Staples and the fun writing of Vaughan.I have to say that this is a great example of little happening and still being fun. The thrust of the story has always been Alana and Marko and in this collection they feel a bit more second fiddle to some of the supporting characters. The introduction of Upsher and Doff does show another aspect to the story by showing how this romance is being perceived by the outside.I like the set-up of the book A Night Time Smoke throughout the series and this grand quest to find its meaning. It feels a bit like Phillip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle which had a fictional book inspiring the masses who get ahold of it. In that book, the novel does end up being a bit of a ruse, but here, Oswald does mean it to try to change opinions.Despite a bit of slowdown, the series continues to shock and surprise. The attack on The Will by the drugged out Sophia and Heist’s sudden death were unexpected and genuinely surprising. Staples and Vaughan aren’t afraid to do things like maim the main characters for the story. It is ruthless and keeps the reader guessing what will happen.Saga—Volume 3 continues a great series that is definitely a “can’t miss” comic. With fantastic art, surprising twists, and some awesome comedic writing, Saga has everything that an adult comic reader wants (and should demand) from their comics. It is smart and continues to potentially be the best book on the market…not “lying”. Continues to impress. Some really deep humanity showing in this volume. Oswald and Izbel understand the "human" spirit and are uniquely insightful to our condition. I was hoping Robot Prince would too, but the bluebloods might just be limited by their programming. so much care and craft is given to The Will and Lying cat that it was easy for me to forget, so far, they are antagonists. The page with just Sophie and lying cat might be the sweetest page in all comic book history. Good sci-fi is about here and now, and this is no exception. except that maybe this is great, and not just good.
OMG so many twists and turns in this volume!!!! It was as amazing as I would have hoped it to be!
This is getting better and better. Very nice plot and very intreresting characters
Great story and awesome art.
New twists enliven the plot.
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