Sail (2000)
Sail (2000)
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In this book, push is finally coming to shove. Blake realizes her mistakes and wants to correct them. She's a kind soul though and wants to try to make everyone happy, even while making herself miserable. Ultimatums are made, truths are stretched, and finally communication begins.I at times have a hard time relating to characters that cheat. Casey and Blake are so different though. It's not just physical intimacy they are after. They have a soul binding connection that can't be stopped. This part of their story shows their torment and mixed feelings. What they have had is no longer enough and when decisions are made, there are always consequences.This book left me craving the next one. I'm hoping they have a happy ever after, but nothing comes easy to them. The last chapters are enough to make you misty eyed. These are the first books I've read by the author and they are, simply put, amazing. The characters all come to life and I feel as addicted to the siblings as I do the main characters. I'm so glad they'll get their own books as well. This is definitely an author to follow and a series to fall in love with. Last year I read this little book called Bait. It was just....well it was amazing. M. Mabie left us with a (not so) nice cliffy and I NEEDED more. I counted down the months, the weeks, the days, and the hours until Sail was on my kindle. When it was finally there I couldn't wait to dive in. I needed to know what happened to Casey and Blake.Let me start off by saying that M. Mabie doesn't disappoint in Sail. I will say that Sail was a little different than what I was expecting. Bait was full of angst pretty much from the beginning to the end. Sail not so much. Bait was about 2 ships passing in opposite directions and Sail is about those 2 ships finally traveling in the same direction fighting together for the love that they both desperately want. Blake has finally made her mind up with what she wants. She had decided to live the life that she wants, with who she wants, and not what she feels others think she should live. Her character has grown so much since the beginning of Bait and I actually liked her so much more in Sail. I was cheering for her through most of the book. There were several times in Bait where I wanted to slap her. Casey.....what can I say. He is just as swoon worthy. He has decided to take the bulls by the horn and fight for what he wants. What he always wanted but didn't know how to really fight for it. If you were hoping for a nice little cliffy like we had in Bait you will be highly disappointed. Sail wraps up very nicely and will lead us into the 3rd and final book in Blake and Casey's story. One book I will be counting the days down for.
You can't help but fall in love with Casey!!! I'm hoping for another book! Please!
Loved it!! No spoilers from me, read it after you read Bait!!!
So happy my frustration was worth going though this book!!!!
So happy!!!! Loved book number 2!!!!
*3.5 stars*
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