Savage Run (2000)
Savage Run (2000)
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I won this book from Goodreads Firstreads. I really liked the story line and how the author devolved the world and characters. I loved the obstacle course and all the suspense of the story. Heidi is the kind of character that you can identify with. She has been through so much yet she remains strong and keeps fighting.A very good read. If you liked Hunger Games, Divergent, or Maze Runner you will probably like this book. From beginning to end this book will have you on the edge of your seat, I genuinely could not put it down and was hooked within minutes.Savage Run tells the tale of Heidi, a young girl who has spent her whole life being treated as a second class citizen, not only by the corrupt government in power but also by her autocratic and emotionally abusive father. This story tells of her dangerous journey in challenging the dystopian society’s ideals and beliefs and her fight for freedom.In an attempt to escape her restrictive life and gain freedom for herself and her beloved childhood friend, Gemma, Heidi enrols in ‘The Savage Run”, a three part obstacle course strictly for boys in order to boost her social status to that of “a master” and thus increase her privileges in life. But in doing so, many challenges and questions arise: Can she successfully convince the registrars of the programme that she is a boy and thus an eligible contestant? Can she maintain her guise through to the end? And can she possibly survive the death defying obstacles and the threats of fellow savages along the way?This story is extremely captivating and intensely thrilling. It is written so so so well and was an absolute delight to read. It has an element of “The Hunger Games” to it, but is in no way a copy cat story or a runner up, it definitely holds it own. The way the characters interact is interesting and believable and the story is written in a heart warming yet exciting way. You have to read this book, yet another triumph by the incredible talented Evelyn Squires.
i like the store but this book was to short for me. i will read the next one though
liked it! ! hope there will be a book number two.
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