Saving Sky (2010)
Saving Sky (2010)
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I picked this up from the "staff recommends" shelf while I was waiting for my Read-Aloud backpacks and read it during my docent shift: no investment of expectation or care. So whatever. However. How do two young hippies own 60 acres near a national forest and Santa Fe on the income of a nurse and a farrier? If a mob stands by while innocent people are harassed in a store, why, six months later when the situation is worse, would an audience listen quietly to a child read something about those innocent people?Spoiler about what-should-have-been:The agents would have shot the dog to stop it running around with their keys in its mouth instead of chasing it like Keystone Kops.A smaller question is why in children's books set now, or after now, are professional women addressed as "Mrs."? In our world 9/11 happened, but in Sky's world 9/11 continues to happen in some form almost each day. Her family has done its best to be prepared - solar energy, stockpile food, wood burning stove and a home far in the country. But each day has its challenges and when one of her friend's life and family are threatened Sky must do much more than she has been in order to help them. Good story with a great message.
I'm impressed that a middle-grade went where this went, and this one did it well.
This book was amazing!It was short, but amazing!!! Thank you Diane Stanley!
3.5 stars for me. accessible read for young readers.
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