Savor (2013)
Savor (2013)
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1939173655 (ISBN13: 9781939173652)
Crescent Moon Press
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Loved this!!I had no clue going into it this if I would like it, but I got sucked into the story!! So, the thing is, this 1 in a series, so lots of unanswered questions, I want the 2nd book right now! I really didn't expect to love this that much, but I loved Dakota and the glimpses at the end into where this might go, just make me so curious about this group. Now, I don't want to say a lot about this, because I really went into this blind and that made my journey through the story so much better, just read it, there is a hot band, family, tragedy, secrets, mysteries and fear, but you want Dakota to have all her answers, but I'll have to wait for the next one to get more insight. I will most definitely read more by this author. This was my first and it won't be my last! Wow! What a book! It made me grab any opportunity to read the book and find out what really happened as soon as possible. I really enjoyed reading Savor and was pleasantly surprise when the characters were familiar to me. They are from Taste! You can read Savor as a standalone as I feel it doesn't affect much. Dakota is a unique girl. Not only is she sporting an eye patch, she is passionate in photography. Reading about her is fun experience, especially when she thought about all the poses or scenes for her photography. I admire her for the strength she displayed in such situations. I also appreciate how the author slowly reveal small hints about how she got stuck with an eye patch.Luka is the bassist of Vicious whom Dakota happened to come across in a club where she was taking photograph for her school's paper. Needless to say that Luka is totally cool but he is not without fault. Put the two characters together and you'll taking a fun ride through the book. Also, the supporting characters did a good job in bringing out the whole story. The paranormal portion of the book came towards the end of the book rather suddenly and the book ended on a cliffhanger! Everything about Dakota is still largely a mystery and I'm dying to find out more about it in Book 2! I'll definitely be following the series!
I want MOAR!!! Now I understand when people say that they need book 2 like yesterday!
Ah!!! I didn't realize this was just the first book about Luka!!! *DIES*
That was a killer ending. how am I suppose to wait for book 2
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