Scala (2014)
Scala (2014)
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Ink Monster, LLC
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This had, disappointingly, a lot less ass kicking and a lot more running around a step behind the villain. It also confirmed my belief that it never pays to save villains (if they'd just let Adair die in book 1, there wouldn't have been all this hullabaloo now). Still, the world was ingenious and uniquely crafted, the heroine as quick-witted and gutsy as ever, and the plot entertaining and fast-paced. Once again, Christina Bauer has made it impossible to put my book down. I know this one was a novella but truth be told there is no way to NOT get sucked in. Myla Lewis, Scala, quasi-demon, child of the Archangel Xavier and quasi-demon mother, kick-ass arena fighter and all around cool cat is up to her eyeballs in a world of ups and downs. Why? because she is targeted. Yes, again. Does it stop her from being who and what she is? Hell no! She is a tough cookie. even tougher when pissed off.In the 160 pages of "Scala" you get to see into the world that Christina brought us all. The love, the hate, the pity, the greed... you know all the seven sins plus some. Myla's world is on rocky ground because of Lucifer's Orb. Why does it always lead back to the Devil? Well he is a right asshole. Can't imagine it to be any different.Myla, her Thrax-Prince-Boyfriend Lincoln, Walker and Cissy try to adjust to new roles. Her mom, Camellia is now the President of Purgatory. Her father of course is at her mother's side, where he belongs. Cissy is the new quasi diplomat, taking over for her Camellia. And under the constraints placed upon them Myla is unable to transport the waiting souls in Purgatory to heaven. if she tries, thanks to Lucifer's Orb they will be transported to hell. (rolls eyes) Damn Ghouls left did this on purpose.As Walker searches for the Orb Myla is left to dodge The Lady Adir of the Acca house since she is the Thrax diplomat trying to cause problems for Myla. Doesn’t that just over joy you? Yeah, no. I’d’ve put a boot up her ass but that’s just me. (laughs) things get dire when Adair starts to make trouble for Myla at the already unstable “ghost towers”. Which is the place where they hold the souls awaiting a trip to Heaven or Hell. Finally the Orb is located but it will take searching an entire warehouse of ‘junk’ to actually find it. At the moment the orb is located Adair flips out. So not cool man. the building is cleared and Walker takes control of the Orb.Somethings up with Adair.. more so than normal. As the book progresses so does the mystery of what is Adair up to now. There is a problem but it takes a lot to get to the bottom of it. Adair is trying to do anything to get Myla discredited as the Scala claiming to be the ‘real’ scala. And since she was already in the fake ceremony all she needed was demon blood… comes to pass that she takes on demon blood. But whose? Hmm… why Armageddon of course.Needless to say a lot happens in a very short period of time. Along with the daily drama of being the Great Scala. I won’t tell all but be warned this book made me gasp a few times and burst into a fit of laughter a few. So make sure you’re alone when you read. Haha.
Shorter than the first one ( or it seemed so to me) it was a little "duller" than its prequel.
Could not make it all the way through. Has some bad language I saw as I was skimming.
Great sequel. I finished it in a couple days and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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