Scandal In Scotland (2011)
Scandal in Scotland (2011)
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A good redo romance with William, the once-spurned Captain and Marcail, the actress who isn't who everyone thinks she is. The box that Mary and Erroll argued over in the first book in the series is again central to this story. The love scenes were great and the misunderstandings believable. We meet Robert's mysterious Moira, which will be the next book. But when is Michael's story coming? The suspense is killing me.... Marcail and William are a wonderfully volatile couple and their coming together allows them to finally put to rest the trouble that forced them apart. I enjoyed seeing their growing honesty with each other. William had been led to believe that it was his lack of fortune and position that had made Marcail leave him. However, it was done so that she could protect him from causing a fuss with the Prince Regent. Her supposed romance with Colchester was merely a way of saving her from the Regent and preventing the ton finding out about Colchester's homosexuality. A confusingly convluted plot beautifully brought to life with wit, humour and charm. Like the passion between the couple too.
Ship captain need an idol to resecue brother, old girlfriends steals because she is blackmailed
Can wait to read about Michael Hurst!!! Soon very soon!
Nice twist near the end.
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