Schaduw Over Lancaster County (2010)
Schaduw over Lancaster County (2010)
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This book had quite a few twists and turns. It was rather heartbreaking. Anyway, it involves an Amish community, an Amish farmhouse burning down, DNA research stuff, and royal rubies. And even though it was heartbreaking, it was really good. Oh, because of some of the intensity, and some things involving biology and DNA, and also some things with drugs, I would not recommend this book for anyone under 15. Shadows of Lancaster County was my first Mindy Starns Clark book and I really enjoyed it. It is full of twisting plots and unexpected discoveries.Just when I thought I had it all figured out, something else would happen that took me in an entirely different direction.When Anne Bailey's brother, Bobby, disappears leaving behind his pregnant wife, Lydia, and his son, Isaac, she begins a search to find him. Leaving California where she had created a new life for herself far away from the crime that destroyed her future, Anne returns to her childhood home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. While using the skills of her current job, Anne follows the high-tech clues her brother left behind and finds herself going from the simple world of Amish farming to being completely engulfed in the cutting edge of DNA research, gene mapping and long lost rubies.Anne knows, that in order to find her brother, she must depend on her faith in God, her instincts, and the help of the Amish community. This is a moving story of the power of forgiveness and love that will appeal to both romantic thriller fans and readers who the love the growing genre of Amish literature.
I have to say I am not crazy about this author. I love my other amish authors much better.
It was good, I really liked it, but I think she has a couple of better ones than this.
Very interesting! Some historical info & several mysteries : )
Enough plot twists to keep me guessing.
YA Cla
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