Scorpion Mountain (2014)
Scorpion Mountain (2014)
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044087081X (ISBN13: 9780440870814)
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This was a really good book and a good continuation of the previous Brotherband book. There were a couple drawbacks. For instance the book describes a threat to Cassandra as being a key plot point but really Cassie is only in maybe one chapter and there are no actual attempts on her life. I feel like it was just an excuse to do other things with the plot. However, it did work well. I also expected to have Halt and Will in this one. Only Gilan again. It's nice to see Gilan in action since he wasn't so much a main character in the Rangers Apprentice series but I still would have liked to see other rangers. Overall though it's a good book and I would recommend it to readers of Brotherband or Rangers Apprentice. I really enjoyed this book. Flanagan is a good storyteller. Once you pick it up, you are hooked from the first page. I like his characters. They always have an interesting task at hand. They are interwoven with the Ranger's Apprentice characters a little bit, which is fun because those characters were endearing. All the characters are likable. He uses humor and a bit of sarcasm throughout the book with different characters teasing each other. It is a positive book and you always feel good because good wins out. Just a fun read.
I like the way some characters from other books are reuniting in this book. Another great adventure.
Loved it! :>Of course, the saga at the end was the best part :'D
Great! As usual.
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