Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe (2009)
Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe (2009)
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Oni Press
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“You stole him with your advanced American slut technology! You're not nice!” Oh Ramona..I had waited for this book for a long time, And finally I have finished it.~The continuing comedy softly diminishes in this volume, as Scott continues to reap the consequences of his cluelessness and carelessness, resulting in the darkening of the series that seems completely natural and interesting to me. The slow cracks between Scott and Ramona's relationship finally kicks in if I have to say. The dark tone of their togetherness, kinda reminded me of something, like it sort of got me thinking too. I really liked Kim a lot in this book, and the struggle of our bruised hero.Lovely art and storytelling, I can't wait to read the ending(like I have to wait another year I guess).“We have a mutual friend, see, and she- Ah, screw it. This is Gideon. When would it be convenient for you to die?” This volume is similar to Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness, in that it breaks the formula to slow things down a bit and get all introspective. It’s exactly what the series needed at this point, but just as with the third volume, I found myself scrabbling for purchase a bit before hopping on board.The ongoing war against the evil exes is almost an afterthought, this time around. That battle goes on in the background and is resolved quietly and without much fanfare. Meanwhile, the bulk of the story is dedicated to the ongoing friction between Scott and Ramona, with Scott beginning to suspect that Gideon is not quite gone from Ramona’s life, and Ramona finally realizing that Scott is kind of a tool. This is where the series’ trademark comic book/video game magical realism enters the picture, with a subplot of everybody noticing and talking about the glow lines that radiate off of Ramona’s head when she gets upset, or when the subject of Gideon comes up. The book ends on a double-cliffhanger that leads deliciously into the final volume.The art and humor are still as perfect as they are in the previous volumes, and I ate this book up just as fast as I did the ones before. But I’m starting to think that O’Malley does hyperkinetic slapstick a little better than exposition, at least in the Scott Pilgrim books. The cuts between scenes were a little harder to follow than usual, and the story seemed to meander off into aimless directions a little more often.But that comes with the territory of setting up the climax, I suppose. In any event, the quiet little tragedy that has sprung up between Scott and Kim Pine, deftly foreshadowed in previous volumes, is worth the price of admission alone. I found that more interesting than the “Scott loves Ramona” headline stuff. So, yes, this book does its job, but thanks to the consistent 8-bit slacker humor, it’s still a blast to read on its own.
The series started to falter a little for me here. One more, I hope it picks up...
Scott Pilgrim quoting the Backstreet Boys >>>>>
I really dislike Ramona.
This one hurt the most.
ReGreat, as always
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