Seaside Christmas (2014)
Seaside Christmas (2014)
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I read this on my way to and from my Grandma's house for Christmas celebrations and it was a perfect fit for such an occasion. A Seaside Christmas is misnamed -- there's hardly any mention of the sea or beach life -- but the supporting characters and the atmosphere of the small town it's set in make the story. The plot is of course cheesy, and the main male character is annoyingly persistent and patient, but it's emotionally as realistic as a romance novel can be with themes of family, redemption, and forgiveness. I would read more from this author. When I picked this book up at Sams Club for a short holiday read I didn't even notice that it was from a series and I can't remember but I think this was book 9 or 10. With that said I still read it and the author did a good job of providing background on the character so that the reader was not lost if you hadn't read her other novels regarding this family. The book centers around two Nashville celebrities, one a famous songwriter and one a famous singer. They were once a couple but since he had addiction issues and he cheated on her they broke up. He went to rehab and she went back to her home town to work on writing music for a play that her family is involved in. Back home she works on mending her relationship with her family. Caleb (the ex boyfriend) also shows up in town after rehab to woo her back into a relationship and express how much he has changed and realize what he has lost because of addiction. So the book centers around his wooing her and her mending her relationship with her family. Can you guess what happened by the end of the story...a nice pretty bow with everything wrapped up. This would make a great lifetime movie, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It was just ok, typical relationship story. Nothing new or too exciting.
Oh how I have missed the O'Briens! Thank you Sherryl for another great book and a wonderful story!!
I love the large O'Brien family.. it was great to catch up with some of my favorite characters.
Really enjoyed the characters and am going to go back and read the whole series.
iPodThis series keeps getting better. Wonder if there will be anymore???
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