Season Of Fear (2014)
Season of Fear (2014)
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1782068961 (ISBN13: 9781782068969)
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Complex, highly engaging characters, a gripping storyline, and a masterful job of revealing the power of setting and dramatic elements. A suspense-filled pleasure!A hurricane striking South Florida, politics, murder, romance and mystery advance the story with energy and speed.Multiple times a line (or lines) of prose caused me to pause and savor - some really great stuff - occurs for me with few authors (e.g. James Lee Burke whose gift I consider supernatural).The character development of Cab, Peach, Tarla, et al will have me quick to jump on their next episode. Outstanding.Brian does a particularly great job creating interesting and attractive women characters. A fun read!This is book #2 of the Cab Bolton series and I'm eager for the next. I'm not quite sure how to write this review because I'm not quite sure how the author pulled off this ending without me at least seeing it coming. No one else seems to be as shocked as I was, and am still. That is the biggest twist of all as far as I'm concerned. But firstly I'll say the story is really good and told in great detail, even if it is very slow for more than half the story. But as the storm ramps up, so does the story along with the twists. I'm still scratching my head on how slickly the author pulled this off actually. His characters, as always, are very well done and relate-able for me.
This was a great mystery. It had shades of Cape Fear to it.The ending was a surprise too
Excellent second book in the series. Well done!
Very exciting book, could not put down.
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