Season Of The Dragonflies LP: A Novel (2014)
Season of the Dragonflies LP: A Novel (2014)
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I concluded early on that the author knew her story wasn't interesting enough to compel the reader...because in the first several paragraphs of the first chapter she describes in great detail the act of fellatio. While I would expect that from a mass market romance novel, I wanted to believe that this Southern author could tell an engrossing story that would in itself keep me turning the pages. Clearly the author didn't believe it... So why should I? This book isn't without redeeming possibility: the elements of mystical magic and wonder (flowers, deer and dragonflies), relationships between women (sibling rivalry, single motherhood), life in the country...all of these elements hold promise. But try as I might (and I did)to let those elements blossom high-enough in my imagination, this book just registered as (at best) bland and (at worst) off-putting for me. The characters ranged from unsympathetic to undeveloped to uninteresting (two brief cameos by the tea shop manager and some of "Ben's" character came close to engaging). This books lands as a "romance book" (a genre I've got no use for) and I suspect it might qualify as a "good read" for folks interested in that genre. The women find wholeness when hooked up with "their men", the land itself giving its blessing to the best match and control of the family fortune passing to that chosen one with a little "bonus" for the heir-apparent-gone-astray-to-the-point-of-harming-another-woman-beyond-repair when she redeems herself by declaring her love for her boy-toy. Kinda gives me the shudders, it does.
Absolutely wonderful book. It had me entranced from the first chapter! Highly recommended
Really liking this book. Weird & wonderful!
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