Secret Light (2011)
Secret Light (2011)
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This was a sweet romance with just a hint of angst and mystery. It takes place in 1955, so there's still plenty of secrecy around homosexuality, as well as all sorts of other tensions, and ZAM handles it so nicely. Rafe is holding a lot of secrets, and it's wonderful to watch Ben pry them all out as Rafe learns to trust him. The ending isn't sappy, perfect HEA, either, which is refreshing. Still, it's very hopeful, and in my mind... well. :) And Rafe's penchant for speaking German in the heat of the moment was especially fun for me, since I've taken German and love it. I cannot review this immediatly. My emotions need a few moments to settle. Beautiful tight story. Want more.I think I have my thoughts together now.The elements of mid-1950s were so realistic portrayed and so important to the story. Sometimes just because today is not perfect, we forget how worse it was before. Rafe has secrets. Rafe has only one love/friend, his dog. He livs every moment of his life in fear but it is a fear anchored by reality. He has secrets. He is lonely and alone. He lives behind a wall of image.Ben has his secret too. He is gay. He is a police officer. He is also lonely. They meet when Rafe's home comes under attack. Ben sees in Rafe a kindred spirit. He attacks Rafe's walls with kindness. When Rafe is physically attached, Ben's tenderness and kindness undermine Rafe's walls. This story undermined my walls. It was a warm story built on the coldness of others. I hope to visit with Ben and Rafe again.
Beautiful, moving story. I loved Rafe's vulnerability and Ben's strength and patience. Fantastic.
No rating. DNF at 57%. Just could not get into this story no matter how hard I tried.
Read in 2011.
3.5 stars
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