Secrets Of A Scandalous Marriage (2013)
Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage (2013)
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This was my first audio book and I did enjoy it. I listened to it on my way to and from work. The story was a bit predictable and there was no great surprise at the end, but the characters were likeable enough. Kate and James were an ok couple and he treated her very well, but I didn't feel any chemistry. The false accusation of Kate being a murderess was too quickly resolved and how the ton forgave all to easy. I will definitely listen to another audio book and maybe read another by Valerie Bowman. I might like a male and female narrator, it took me awhile to get used to the female narrator reading James. It was a sweet book. I would have liked to have given this book 3.5 stars but Goodreads system doesn't allow it.I enjoyed Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage but the heroine was just a bit too emotional for my taste. She spent almost the entire story on the verge of tears or crying and she was constantly pinching her arm to discipline herself which I found kind of disturbing, to be honest. The story is a little bit different, a duchess (Kate) is being held in the Tower, accusing of murdering her husband who she had just hours earlier asked for a divorce...and his mistress is her main accuser. James, a Viscount who publishes salacious pamphlets as a sideline (and one that is quite improper according to the ton) wants her to write her story for him and in return she asks him to get her out of the Tower as her temporary guardian. You'll never guess what happens after that...James' friends and their wives are a bit ridiculous but constant conspirators every step of the way...and at the end of the story a one of their heretofore unmentioned stepchildren turns out to have the answers James is seeking to find happiness...again, a bit far-fetched for my taste.This is an enjoyable read if you don't look too hard for anything unusual.
Great crom start to finish. The who done it and why was the most fun part.
Loved this! It was so great to see Medford finally find happiness.
love the series hope it continues
Finally! Medford's book!
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