Secrets To Die For (2009)
Secrets to Die For (2009)
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1612186173 (ISBN13: 9781612186177)
Thomas & Mercer
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I love this book and am so glad I found this author. She is one of the best ones I have discovered for kindle. This is about a serial killer who is killing lesbians. I thought I had it figured out several times and then there would be more twists and turns. Then finally toward then end I did have it figured out but no, wait, there was one final really big surprise that I didn't see coming right at the end. I was hyperventilating at the end. I love this kind of book. I intend to read more of this author. I think she has a lot o courage to write about such a sensitive subject. L.J.Sellers, is an underappreciatated author, who is well known on the West Coast but whose talent has not reached the East Coast. Sellers is a solid writer , whose Detective Jackson mysteries are the type that are read in one sitting. This is a good example of that. Wade Jackson is faced with a brutal rape and murder with the evidence seeming to point to an obvious perp. Raina Hughes' body is found near the trailer home of a boy she was visiting in her work as a child advocate. Bruce and Cindy Gorman are the obvious subjects of the investigation because they are the violent parents of the boy , Josh who Raina was keeping an eye on. But there are complications that arise that may point to another person of interest. Meanwhile, besides investigating the murder, Jackson is trying to maintain his own relationship with Kera, who he hopes to marry as soon as her divorce becomes final. And he has a teenage daughter , Kate to care for too. Kera's almost ex is returning from duty overseas and hopes to salvage his marriage. Wade has a lot to balance on his plate. Then when some clues arise that seem to indicate that the Gormans might be innocent, Jackson starts to examine some cold cases with a similar MO. There may well be a serial killer loose in the Eugene, Oregon area. Once you read one of Seller's books, you too, will probably agree that she deserves more of a look. She may be one of the best writers of this genre.
Great book. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.
Good book; the twist at the end was pretty creative.
Awesome book...! I will review this one next...
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