Seize (2000)
Seize (2000)
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I keep my good thoughts about the story...In this second book, inside the whole story between Sebastian and Lilith, I found that this get better every time.We are talking about, the questions we had in the first, are answered here... But Clarissa still keeps that dark side really connected with the whole book, and we are involved in the mystery that represents Sebastian Brand.Otherwise, we still see the fight that Lilith have between understand what is real and what it isn't, also every thing she does to try barely to understand all the situation that had been created by Genesis and how Sebastian is part of that. But hey! she became stronger than she was and is something that we need to appreciate, cause she was trough all this hurt and pain, that, this girl deserve something better, say it, if you have read the books.And the relationship between this two... I loved the way Sebastian is here, of course he has a special treatment with lilith, the domination is powerful, and from what i see, I could see, Sebastian tried to put Lilith together, with this aspect of him.I loved the book, and i'm waiting for more!!***THIS IS AN ARC REVIEW*** I love this series. It’s dark, dangerous, but still have romance and is steamy. Lilith is still trying to figure everything out. Everything in her screams that she should trust Sebastian even though she knows he isn’t telling her everything. While her brain screams to run and that she shouldn’t like the things he does to her. Sebastian didn’t want to become the man he has, seeing Lilith the first time has awoken something in him. He wants to stop the men and be the man she needs. Lilith wants to find out why her. What drew those men to her and her mother? Why is Sebastian set on saving her, what makes her different from the others? What does she feel for him? I can’t say enough about this book or this series so far. I just love it so much. Sebastian is an amazing character. He is strong and determined. Once he makes up his mind nothing will change it. He doesn’t completely understand what he feels for Lilith at first. He just knows that there is something about her that calls to him. He will do anything in his power to keep her from them and to prove to her that she can trust him. Lilith’s character is amazing too but in a different way. Even after everything she has been through she refuses to crumble. She is amazingly strong and resilient. She is determined to figure everything out and save her friend Ashley. She is conflicted. She truly loves what Sebastian does to her but she thinks she shouldn’t. He hits her and does all kinds of things to her. He debases her, takes away her freedom. But, is he really hurting her or is he helping her? Just because it isn’t what everyone does, doesn’t mean that it isn’t what she really needs. He helps her let go so that she can truly be free. I think they are perfect for each other. Reading their story is amazing. So many emotions and they go through so much. Will they get their happy ending? I can’t wait to read Scorch. Another FANTASTIC book Clarrisa.I was given this book in return for an honest review.
What a wild ride.....I loved this series and a definite re-read!!!
Full review coming soon.
All I can say is wow..
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