Seven Days Of Friday (2014)
Seven Days of Friday (2014)
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3.5 stars - Seven Days of Friday is a somewhat charming story line with a mix of humorous as well as some unexpected dark plot lines. Most of these worked. Some didn't. There were many things I liked about this novel. The heroine, Vivi Tyler, was attempting to start a new life with her fifteen-year-old daughter in Greece after the surprising end of her marriage and there were enough moments of levity to make the story enjoyable. However King also took on some heavy topics with this novel, in terms of a thirty-ish mother coping with her unhappy teenager, a marriage ending, and a willing acceptance to start over in a foreign country--Greece to be exact. At times, it felt like it might be spinning out of control because there was too much going on, but overall I loved the humorous aspects of the first person narrative, especially Vivi's. For the most part, I think the author handled the various challenges the two main characters faced fairly well. Readers get some insight into the hero, Max, who is a pediatrician and more or less in search of himself because he operates under the heavy opinion of his mother instead of himself. In that sense,the stereotypes about the Greek culture were easy to spot and more character development beyond the cliches would have helped. Additionally, there were multiple points-of-view which sometimes left me confused as a reader. Some characters were stronger than others. Then, towards the end of the novel, a mystery of sorts was thrown in, but I felt it took away from the main story of Vivi and Max. In fact, the ending was from a point of view of the Vivi's father, who barely played a part in this novel. That was disappointing. It didn't have to be. The ultimate mindless read. Seriously, you don't need a brain for this one. Sloppy, choppy writing that, in spots, read like a 12-year-old had written it. Shockingly poor editing, so many typos and mistakes that I wanted to throw the Kindle across the room every four pages. (Do publishers even employ proofreaders anymore?!) A multitude of beyond-redemption irritating characters. The flimsiest of plots; come to think of it, WAS there a plot? I don't recall. Shall I go on? Bigger question: Why three stars, in that horrific case?! Answer: Pure, unadulterated (in every sense), utterly silly fun. Ignore the hot mess and read it anyway.
Great story and a really FUN read! I loved it and can't wait to read more by Alex A. King.
Loved this book, snappy dialogue and great story.
Is a great book to read
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