Sex Love Repeat (2013)
Sex Love Repeat (2013)
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Alessandra Torre
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Having read "Tight" and "Black Lies" before this book I was utterly disappointed. The beginning was slow with toooo much sex, long and boring descriptions of sex(up to 20 pages until she finally got off), so I kept skipping page after page, and then when her two lovers finally met their family problems were solved very fast and they decided who was to be her HEA. The last chapter was set one year later, no drama just happy ending for the other lover. The epilogue was a disappointment as well as it did not focus on the future but on the past.I was waiting for an unexpected twist - in vain.If you want to read the average love story with lots of sex go ahead. You only get to know the main characters superficially. One is a workaholic, the other two love surfing. He is a pro-surfer, but I did not get the feeling that he took that seriously, no working out or training. She occasionally works in a book shop. Looking at the raving reviews, I think this is just not my cup of tea. The blurb is honestly intriguing. A love triangle where the two guys are aware of the each other's presence. How the hell does that work out? A fairly quick read and it was mediocre. The repeat has focused a lot on the sex and too less on the love. Except for a twist in the middle (which is predictable), there is not much to expect. But Torre's writing is good and manages to pull you through till the end.
Moore did not disappoint... love it! Can't wait to read more from this author.
It was...okay. Something is missing.
O..kay. That was shocking.
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