Shane's Fury (2011)
Shane's Fury (2011)
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Shane's looking for Trevor. During that time he kills other nests of snakes. At one he finds Dalton, a lynx shifter who idolizes Shane after being held captive in the cage next to Trevor and hearing him Talk about how great he is. Riley the eagle gets tired of Colin, & has some fun with twins that everybody watches, driving Colin crazy. Of course, in the end, Shane finds Trevor & kills Orion. They buy the house next to Kevin & Jared. I'm not sure what to think - The Lost Shifters is one of my favorite series. I was looking forward to a satisfying conclusion to the Shane and Trevor story and it didn't quite get there for me. I so wanted more of the leopard and his panther and for most of this book they were apart. I know some of that was to be expected just due to the storyline, but... It could have been good hurt/comfort, except the comfort really occured off page ("Even though it had been a full month since he'd been rescued...") 2 of 10 chapters were about Riley and his hawk shifter. The newly introduced lynx is a cute character but in my mind detracted from the primary story - I wanted MORE Shane and Trevor and it felt like it was setting up Lost Shifters 11 and 12. As others have commented, this story didn't need to be separated into two parts (book 9 and 10). Overall, it would have made a more satisfying single story with more scenes of Shane and Trevor together - that's the relationship I wanted to be part of again.
I liked this one much better the second time I read it.
Shane...the best character in the my POV.
Loved the story... but wow, the editing was horrible.
**3.5 stars**
3.5 stars
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