Sheltering Hearts (2010)
Sheltering Hearts (2010)
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3 1/2 starsA sweet, and quick, introduction to the Virgin Rivers series. Dory and Clay are characters I would enjoy spending a bit more time with. Background information is limited, and some resolutions are a little too quick - but I guess that is the nature of this type of story. The resolution with Dory's nasty old boss was a little too contrived for me - but I guess there was not much time to devote to this part of the story.The idea of providing support and resources to single mothers is an admirable one. The fact that there are centres like this is fantastic! Celebrating the women who make these shelters and centres run smoothly is a wonderful thing - and should be done more often and much more LOUDLY! I only hope that this type of story does not lead people to believe that everyday solutions are arrived at as easily as in this book - many women, and their children, struggle for a long time before receiving the help that they need and deserve! I really liked this book but wish it had been full length so the story line wouldn't seem so rushed. It's based on a very worthy cause that helps single mothers, so most of the book is based on promoting that cause. It was a little too much for me on that end, as the heroine was a cheerleader for the cause in nearly every scene. Also, the ending was more HFN than HEA, something that left me a little disappointed.
This was a disappointing read, thank goodness it was free for the Kindle.
This was a re-read and I agree with my initial assessment...3 stars.
kindle freebie. dont base your opinion of Robyn Carr on this one.
Included in anthology More Than Words, Volume 6
2.5 stars
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