She's Dating The Gangster (2013)
She's Dating the Gangster (2013)
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9719902302 (ISBN13: 9789719902300)
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My friend said that the online version was better, but I didn't know coz I just knew about this book just when they announced that it will be on the big screen soon.Yeah, there were kilig moments between Athena and Kenji. Just don't like much the last part of it when Athena is dying, so much of words. Maybe the author's just want it to describe in detail but for me, she did not succeeded on that part.Overall, twas just fine. I just read the comments below. Many are bashing the story. And I bet, these people can't even write a story, can they? WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THIS FIELD? Well, I respect your opinions, anyway. I'm just saying. This is a free country afterall!The story is a creative expression of love. A love story doesn't have to end happily to be a good story. Even Romeo and Juliet, considered the greatest love story of all time, ended with both of them dead. So what if the story has capitalization, abundance of punctuation marks or blah blah blah.? It's not about how it look. It's about the message it convey.Go bianca! :) Note to the bashers: I just hope you didn't watch the movie. Or took your girlfriends into this movie. It would be a big whatever! haahahahahaha.
this should have stayed in wattpad.
sooooo Goodddd
i can't read
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