Sibling Rivals (2013)
Sibling Rivals (2013)
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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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This was okay, but it didn’t grab me. The relationship between Peter and Collin was almost too easy and it meant I wasn’t invest in them. I did finish it but that was mainly because it was an extremely easy read rather than I was massively enjoying Sibling Rivals. In many ways Mark for me was the most interesting character because he actually had a personality and some semblance of character growth... Of course this could just be more proof that I have a thing for bad, mad and mess-up characters. The good or wholesome ones just don’t do for me and unfortunately Collin and Peter where both ‘nice’ characters. This one started out well for me, and I had high hopes but then it started to drag. I was hoping it would pick up again but sadly for me it didn't, and I ended up not really caring what happened.Neither Mark, Colin or Peter engaged my heart or even my interest. Mark was pratt and Colin and Peter were both rather bland and forgettable. Overall despite an engaging start this turned into a typical M/M read. Maybe a little more than a 2 star but not by much.
i just got a book boner.WANT
not a shock that I like it.
Thoroughly enjoyed.
Review to come
2.5 stars
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