Sidney Sheldon's Angel Of The Dark With Bonus Material (2012)
Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark with Bonus Material (2012)
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0062264915 (ISBN13: 9780062264916)
William Morrow
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When comes to storytelling “Sidney Sheldon” is a master as the words are so ornately carved that I get to read two pages at a time.The novel “Angel of the Dark” is based on triple felony i.e., rape, robbery and murder. I feel so uneasy to express that by the time I completed this novel I ended up glimpsing a dozen bo***, I guess this is Sheldon’s creativity.(Just kidding =D )This novel throws in the soap-opera-perfect twist of a “Robin Hood” motive - all the victims’ millions had been donated to children’s charity and the tabloids could not have asked for more. The story is about the murder of Andrew Jakes in L.A., Sir Piers Henley at Chester Square , Didier Anjou in Saint- Tropez and Miles Baring in Hong Kong whose wives Angela Jakes, Tracey Henling, Irina Anou and Lisa Baring respectively were brutally raped and missing and the entire sum of money going to children’s charity before the detectives could see any link between the incidents. The detective named the operation “Azarel”. Their perception was that the key to unraveling the mystery lay in the rape of the young wives. Therefore, they expected the killer to be male.Since the killer planned pretty meticulously he was assumed to be an electrical engineer or a computer whiz of some sort. This was because in the Jakes case, the alarm system of “Loma Vista” had been highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art in its day. The Henley had a reliable Banham system in London, and Didier Anjou’s Saint Topez home was surrounded by CCTV cameras. Even Miles Baring had installed a security system to rival the one at Front Knox. This was all imagined because in each case a single man slipped in and out of the victim’s house.Beside that there were many other opinions as well. The operation member even thought this intelligent killer could have targeted the boring wives of his victims by grooming them and winning their trust may be seducing them sexually etc.The contribution by India’s IB was in perfect synchronization with the rest of the members of “Operation Azarel”.The end is sweet, so whatever happens in the most of the pages of this novel gradually heals in the last few chapters. Sheldon's shoes are big ones to fill, agreed! When I started reading this book, I expected at least half decent writing. Of my several cribs about this book, the first is, it lacked concise writing. The length of the book could have been reduced to 3/4ths if the author had avoided using repetitive adjectives to describe people and their emotions. I get it, he loves her, I don't need to hear how much he loved her every third sentence. All those pages could have been better utilized setting up a tight plot.This book feels like it was written to be a movie, unnecessary cheap thrills and a play on words at the end of each chapter, forgetting to keep the reader engaged overall. The book feels as though it was written with no particular plot or end in mind, and a story a kind of just came together at the end. There might have been something for the ending, a possibility that Sofia was in fact the manipulator, if the author had not emphasized throughout the book that she was the affected party. And come on!!! How many times can you use a schizophrenic end in a Sidney Sheldon book and expect the reader not to figure out the story halfway through the book!!! There was absolutely no originality to the plot.The book could as well have done without the final chapter. It feels like an afterthought, thrown in to help a sequel!!Absolutely disappointing and I wasn't even looking for a Sidney Sheldon class book!In the future, I am not picking up a single book that was written after he died.
The story got a bit predictive towards the end, but its still very good read.
Sidney Sheldon's way of putting it,"This novel will take you places."
very well written. enjoyed it.
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