Silksinger (2009)
Silksinger (2009)
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0399246312 (ISBN13: 9780399246319)
Putnam Juvenile
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This one. If you only read one of Laini Taylor's books, pick this one. It's the second in a series but it could work. Some things will seem like crazy coincidences, but hey, they really are. They'll just seem a little less mind-blowing if you read the first book.Since more people seem to have read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books, I will say this world, or maybe the perspective, is not as beautiful as that one. Still Silksinger comes alive in a way that makes you forget you're reading. Also I love the characters; even the shy ones have hopes and dreams and ways to make it work. On the other hand, you get many more tastes of the nasty ones as well. In my opinion, this book took the force of evil from a fairytale monster presented in the first book to a fully-fleshed ordeal. Well played. I look forward to more. This was a pleasant follow-up to Blackbringer; I expected a completely different cast, but this was more of a continuation of the first book with a secondary plot of the new characters interspersed. I loved Hirik and his talent. I think that's my favorite of the individual talents so far introduced (Magpie doesn't count). Whisper wasn't a heroine I could relate to as much. Magpie is brash and unapologetic and fierce. Whisper is more the gentle, but secretly strong heroine. She's still a great character, but just not my sort of heroine. We get more of the crows and more of the world introduced in Dreamdark. It was great to see another city and the inner workings of the fairy world, especially the travelling merchants. I'm sad that Taylor put this series on hold (I assume) to work on the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy since this book ends with so much undone. But at the same time, if you haven't read that Trilogy, go do it now because it's fantastic, and amazing, and it's the reason I read THIS series by her to begin with. This fantastic world will definitely hit the spot if you want a fun, adventure with magical creatures.
As a fan of Laini Taylor I had high expectations and she didn't disappoint. Truely magical!
Mir1917 i have to wait for the 3rd to be written
Very interesting. Slomby cute
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