Silver Bastard (2000)
Silver Bastard (2000)
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0425280624 (ISBN13: 9780425280621)
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I wasn't sure after reading the prologue if I would like this book, don't get me wrong Joanna Wylde has produced, by far, the best MC series I have ever read. My problem is the age of the Heroine at the start of the book, I'm sure I am not the only one; However, I loved this book, just as I have when reading anything written by this author. The hero is Wylde's typical alpha male and the heroine is as feisty as the reader has come to expect I'm just not sure how I feel when the main character starts out at 16 Ok - this was my first Joanna Wylde book - I've seen the Reapers books but never read them and have seen that they get race reviews... If they are anything like this book I'm not sure if I agree... I gave this book 3 stars as it kept my interest but I did have some problems - mainly with the female main character Becca - I get that she's had a fucked up upbringing but I really don't like the way she treats Puck - he is too forgiving - personally I would have said a big F YOU and kept on walking, but he doesn't and of course we have the HEA...I don't know what exactly annoyed me about the book besides Becca but it was more than just dislike for her... But other than that it has 3 stars cos I liked Puck :)
Joanna Wylde has done it again. From the prologue to the bonus epilogue sucked me in.
Very nice story.
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