Sins Of The Highlander (2012)
Sins of the Highlander (2012)
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Pros: This book started off strong and hooked my interest right away. There was some great suspense, and Lachlan was the perfect despicable villain. The ending was also paced well, with some interesting twists.Cons: For some reason, the middle lagged for me. I felt like the relationship didn't really build in these sections the way it could have. The book just kind of leapt from infatuation to the hero and heroine being in love without much transition.This was a good read and entertaining enough. Sins of the Highlander by Connie Mason & Mia MarloweHistorical Romance - Jan 1st, 20124 starsMad Rob MacLaren’s wife was kidnapped, tortured, and eventually died at the hands of the evil Lachlan Drummond. To exact revenge, Rob decided to kidnap Lachlan’s bride straight from the altar. To his surprise, Elspeth Stewart is far more bewitching and dangerous than Rob expected. Can he resist the spirited and beautiful Elspeth?This was a hot read! Elspeth and Rob’s constant clashing barely hides their passionate longing for each other despite the bad start to the romance. Rob isn’t mad. He’s just angry and bitter. He can’t let go of his wife’s death. Elspeth is courageous and refuses to give into Rob. I like how she keeps plotting her escape until she learns of Rob’s wife and decides to throw in her lot with Rob. The other part of this story that I liked is the unashamedly evil and villainous Lachlan. He’s so cruel and vicious that it makes me really root for Rob. I wanted Rob to keep Elspeth far, far away from the evil guy!Suspenseful and full of steamy love scenes, this Highlander romance will keep you up!Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club
At least there's justice in books if not in the actual world.
4.5 stars/3.5 sensuality full review to come soon
3 stars – Highlander/Historical Romance
DNF...heroine has the Sight.
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