Six Of Hearts (2014)
Six of Hearts (2014)
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I really like this author's style of writing and she identifies characters that are very unusual and full of potential. Jay Fields is definitely one of these characters but Watson in contrast felt like a 2-dimensional person flanking the vivid illusionist. I have noticed this in Painted Faces also and I think it is a shame that the female characters have reduced dimensionality and strength in these books. The author writes really well and her style and tone are a pleasure to read compared with the often stilted storylines in other books. If it would be possible to redress this balance these books could be spectacular. The plots are clearly well thought out and quite unusual and I will definitely continue to read in the hope that this issue will be sorted out! This was my first L.H Cosway book and I am totally hooked! I don't even know the words to use to describe Six of Hearts; it was just amazing. Jay's character was one of a kind and I was sucked into his story right from the start. It was fun to try to figure Jay out as the book progressed. Matilda held her own against Jay. The secondary characters were spot on and the visuals were unbelievable. Six of Hearts was just a cool read.
Amazing & Magical!!!! One of my fav books ever ❤️ i really loved Jay's story!!!!
A fun, exciting, intriguing read!
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4.5 stars.Loved it!
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