İskoç Ateşi (2000)
İskoç Ateşi (2000)
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A lovely continuation of the Highlander series. I think this one was my favorite over all. Deidre, in the last book, has done the most unthinkable thing and shamed her family completely. Not even the church will take her since she has become so tainted. One evening as she is cleaning, the queen, on the run from one of the main Scottish lords who want to use her for power, stumbles upon her and begs for her help. Desperate to bring honor back to her family after she had done, she agrees quickly. Than she is caught, in the guise of the queen, by the super hot Highland Lord Quinton Cameron, who has had a thing from her since mid way book two. He takes her away to his castle and is determined to make her his wife.Much insanity ensues, including a crazy ex fiancee who has come back to wed Cameron and kill Deidre. Of course, everyone gets their HEA, which is good cause it was looking a little sketchy there in the middle.All in all, a really good light read to pass a little time on a boring day. I might even be tempted to pick it up and read it again, espcially the yummy sex scenes which Mary Wine is so very good at. Highland Heat is the third in Wine’s series involving the Chattan sisters. Once again, Wine delivers romantic banter, excitement, and escape. Those that read her earlier novel To Conquer A Highlander are familiar with Deirdre Chattan, the eldest daughter who was manipulated and betrayed by her Douglas lover. But in Highland Heat, Deirdre has matured - she’s had to live with the consequences of her seduction and she’s determined not to bring dishonor to her family. Deirdre is willing to sacrifice a great deal - everything that she has - in order to live up to her father’s expectations. Deirdre’s sense of honor makes her an interesting and sympathetic romantic lead. As Deirdre and her lover face intrigue, plot twists, unfortunate encounters, and romantic interludes, fans of historical fiction will surely find Highland Heat a fun, satisfying read.
I like this series and enjoyed this story too. Not great, but pretty good.
Love it and ready to read more of Mary Wine! Grabbed me and kept me!
An apt title.
3.5 stars
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