Slaves Of Socorro (2014)
Slaves of Socorro (2014)
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0399163557 (ISBN13: 9780399163555)
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I've missed reading John Flanagan's books! I enjoy the interactions of the characters, and the twins add humor to the story. They're always arguing, and no one can tell them apart. The author added a large dog to the cast, and it created more humor but helped resolve some problems. Hal's character made some mistakes, but this added to the suspense and showed he wasn't perfect. The first half of the book may not have enough adventure for some readers, the characters are being developed, but the second half of the book makes up for it. This is what I've been waiting for--the intersection of the Ranger's Apprentice with the Brotherband characters, I loved the fact that Flanagan brought in someone other than Will or Halt. (I won't totally spoil it by mentioning names.) I also like the romance that is brewing in the background--Flanagan did a nice job of setting it up. It was surprising, not at all expected or cliche. Story ends in a satisfying way but still leaves me hungering for the next installment.
All of Flanagan's books are awesome! I hope he continues writing for a long time.
Love this series!
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