Slip (2000)
Slip (2000)
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When I first read the description for Slip I have to admit I was very intrigued. The concept is a clever one, and, like the best dystopian books, one that it's all to easy to imagine.I think that's one of the things that made me enjoy the book as much as I did. All too often with these kinds of books it's hard to imagine how such a world would come to be, but with Slip I could easily see it happening. As horrific as that would be.I also enjoyed the fact that we get to see it from a number of different points of view. From those who actually believe in the system to the people working against it.This is definitely grittier and darker than the other Estes book I've read - 'Brew' and I enjoyed this one a lot more.The only reason it doesn't get a full five stars is because I hate present tense, particularly 3rd person, and tend to find it can become quite passive if the writer isn't careful.I will, without a doubt however, be picking up the second book in the series! Oh My! We have a new series on our hand and it's a good one :) And yes, it's dystopian, but I was actually expecting it to feel like the dwellers series but it has its own vibe and that's very cool too. In this one, someone must die before someone else can be born. Thing are heavily controlled here and you can't have a birth without a death. When this happens, this person is a slip, because they have slipped through the system. And this has happened because half of the US is under water. When the ice caps started melting, it flooded. Things had to stay controlled to make sure everyone lives. The writing is fantastic as always. I am always so intrigued with how Mr Estes comes up with his ideas. I mean they start out with something that isn't far fetched. Global warming causing the melting of ice and snow to bring about flooding. I can understand that, but it's the aftermath of ideas that always leaves me astounded. I mean, government ruled birth control. And how people live and die. And there's multiple POVs, so you are seeing from different sides. At first I wasn't sure what was happening, but then, I started understanding each character's POV and BAM, I couldn't put this one down! And I will tell you, yes the beginning may be a little slow paced for you, but DON'T STOP... You need this part, and it's important to understand what happened. Especially if you want to get to know the characters and their decisions. The characters are just wow. They have gone through things I don't want to even think about. And yes, you may not like them at first, I was on the fence, but they are having it rough. Really rough. They get a little exception from me. And then you get to know them. And then you understand them and fall in love. There are some major characters, Like Michael Kelly, Harrison, Benson, a few others, but I won't talk about them specifically. If you read this book, I want you to like them for the reasons you pick, not because I said they were cool LOLThe world building is fantastic. I mean, yes, it's still here, where we live, but what if it flooded. And the government really took over, told us how to live, where to live, what to eat, who could have children. And yes there is a little more technology than what we have now, but that's real, we invent things every day, so I can see the technology still being made. It's a gritty world to live in though, regardless of technology. You see, Benson is a Slip. He has hidden from everyone except his parents, but now he needs to run because his society is hunting him, and they'll harm his parents if they catch him with them. This is the crazy part, a slip get immediate execution, where are normal murderer gets a normal and fair trial. Let's just say I don't wanna be around for this. And Michael will protect his son no matter what. And when Benson runs, he finds someone who is his kindred and we get a little bit of romance.
I enjoyed the story. There was a bit of an awkward romance, but it wasn't all encompassing.
I have just one word for this book... AMAZING!
brilliant book!
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