Slumber (2011)
Slumber (2011)
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Adventure, romance, crime, passion, mystery. It was a good book, I was thrilled through the entire thing and could barely put it down to be honest. Rogan is a girl that was once nothing but a farm girl, stolen from her family she was whisked away to live at the palace with another young girl, the young Princezna, who ended up parentless and a young leader. Rogan, because she was a magic wielder, and a few other children from all over that had similar abilities were taken to be close to the princess. The man in charge of this was rather cruel though, and did unforgivable things in the process, making a mark on a few of these young children's lives. Four children, all taking different paths. Years later Rogan ends up being the handmaiden to the Princezna, her best friend. Rogan's once close friend is gone, and the son of her utmost enemy remains as a source of protection, causing Rogan distress. Something happens to the Princezna though, and Rogan is thrust into adventure whether she likes it or not, she has a lot of new experiences. Danger lurks around most corners, never letting the girl escape it seems, the ending is something I was happy with, very good book, I enjoyed it immensely. I don't read a lot of fantasy, but I'm a big fan of Samantha Young so I gave Slumber a shot. While I wasn't hugely disappointed, I definitely didn't enjoy this as much as some of her other books.After a while, Rogan just seemed to frustrate me. A few times, I didn't understand her actions at all and found them a bit annoying.Over all, it was alright. It's not something I'll feel compelled to reread (which I have a habit of doing).
Quick storm day read...the names of places and people were ridiculous but it was an ok story :)
So much goodness. Loved sinking my teeth into this book.
starts slow, not my cip of tea, but finished it.
Great Fantasy Book :) Can't wait for book 2.
I want more of this NOW!!
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