SNEAK PEEK: A Darker Shade Of Magic SAMPLE (2014)
SNEAK PEEK: A Darker Shade of Magic SAMPLE (2014)
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When I saw that there was a 150 page excerpt of Victoria Schwab’s Latest book on Netgalley I was practically giddy with excitement, and rightfully so. I absolutely loved this preview. The writing was beautiful and I couldn't get enough of the world(s) that the author built. I found myself getting lost in the text. No matter what London Kell found himself in I felt as though I was right there with him. It was incredible the way I actually felt as though I had stepped into the pulsing and thriving Red London or the always constant Grey London with him. I was endlessly fascinated by the dynamic within the ruthless White London and intrigued to find more about what happened in Black London. From the moment the book began V.E. Schwab somehow managed pull me headfirst into this beautiful story.I also found myself falling in love with the characters. Normally I find that when I read books containing multiple points of view, I am always aching to get back to one particular character. I was pleasantly surprised that I loved both Kell and Lila. I loved loved loved loved Kell and I loved the dynamic he had with his adoptive brother Rhy. I sense a new book boyfriend in the making! I also can’t wait to find out more about Holland. My real love in this book however, is Lila. She is one pick pocketing, pirate aspiring, shadow thieving, boy pretending girl after my own heart. She’s the kind of girl you want on your side in a fight and I am obsessed. The characters in this book are just so good and mixed with the beautiful writing and world building I am so excited for the official release!Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this preview very much and I absolutely cannot wait until this book is available for purchase so I can find out what happens! If you are a fan of London (You’ve got a few to choose from), magic, aspiring pirates, beautiful world building and amazingly interesting characters this book is for you. I am going to withhold my rating for now as this isn’t my official review but I think my opinions on this book so far are pretty clear An incredible mix of fantasy, world travel and adventure. Even as I got the sneak peak, it kept me focused on the story and on the unfolding mystery of Kell and his power. I have to admit that both covers were the first parts I noticed and when I first read the descriptions of the cape, it felt even better than the invisibility Cloak."A darker shade of Magic" has a detailed world building which is NOT confusing, since the author spends great deal on explaining it even from the first pages. The Book will be on my shelf when it will be published. I was delighted to be gifted with an EARC from NetGalley!In exchange for an honest review.
I loved this. I can't wait to see how the relationship between Lila and Kell will be.
Can't wait to get my hands on the whole story!!
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