Snømannen (2009)
Snømannen (2009)
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Harry Hole, the Northern European Harry Bosch, presents us with a full blooded character with quirks and the genius of thought and persistence. As with most mystery/thrillers in this century, it is a toss up as to whether we have a crime story with personal conflicts or a novel of character with criminal events.However one wishes to look at it, "The Snowman" will grab attention and hold it. The villain is diabolical, the personal devils so very human, the plot sound, the twists dizzying.Highly Recommended. I really liked this book. It is the first one that I have read by Jo Nesbo. Once I can track down more of his French translated books I will read more of his. I really enjoyed the main character, Harry Hole (I laughed each time I think of his name). He's a very cynical character but it makes him believable and for whatever reason, I really like him. The story is well written, it keeps you interested the entire way through and keeps you guessing. The only complaint I have is that, at some points you think the story is done but there is sill like 50 pages left! That was slightly irritating but it made sense in the very end. I definitely recommend reading this book, and if you are like me and want to practice your French, this is a really good translation.
Great read! Fast paced, good twists and compelling characters. A bit gory, but a strong plot line.
I enjoyed this entry into the Harry Hole series as much as the others I have read.
Loved it. Went in different direction every time you thought you figured it out
It's a thrilling story, you cannot leave the book.
The Harry Hole series gets better and better.
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