Solider Dogs (2012)
Solider Dogs (2012)
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Dutton Penguin
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This book taught me a lot and it had a lot of really interesting facts. But not only was it informational but it was a very good book. It had many little stories inside about a soldier and their adventures with there best friend which is there dog. Some stories were very sad and some were happy. It also had some great stories about how the slider and there dogs went on some scary missions together and how their bond became so amazing. This book was a lot of fun for me and all throughout the book it made me think about my dog she was a Springer Spaniel.I liked this book because it was about dog heros and what they do, how they act, and how they live on the battlefield overseas 2014 Book Lover's Calendar: Wednesday, April 16, 2014:Expect to drive everyone crazy with this one. While you're reading it, you'll fight the urge to read passages aloud to anyone nearby. ("Listen to this," you'll insist every paragraph or so, to friends and strangers alike.) Next thing you know, you'll start obsessing over trying to adopt one of these remarkable canines. Your passion will be justified, though, because Goodavage's inspiring, touching, and riveting stories of brave animals risking life and limb for their soldier companions is just that wonderful.Based on this write-up from my favorite calendar, I can hardly wait to read it.
I enjoyed it, meeting the dogs and handlers.
Fascinating but grew tired after awhile
Excellent read.
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