Solsbury Hill (2014)
Solsbury Hill (2014)
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As a nonfiction writer and poet, most of the focus of my leisure reading is on nonfiction and poetry. Rarely do I read novels, even if recommended by those I deeply admire. However, for some reason, as a romantic and lover of the classic love stories like Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, and Madame Bovary, this novel caught my eye, and I am glad it did because I read it in one sitting.Kudos to Wyler for crafting this compelling novel, written with zest and passion. It will surely become a favorite for those with a soft spot for romantic fiction. Wyler was inspired to write Solsbury Hill as a result of her love for Wuthering Heights and the stories and characters inherent to that era. The book’s title is born of a place where the lovers spent time together when young.For me as a memoirist, Wyler illuminates the fascination we all have with our ancestors and our interest in understanding where we came from. The character development in Solsbury Hill is quite good and Eleanor, the book’s protagonist, orphaned at an early age, travels to England to meet with her mother’s sister, who is dying. The adventure unfolds, exposing many revelations about her past, such as her family’s habit of “picking between two loves and choosing the wrong one;” creating a sense of understanding of the self and the human romantic condition; and how life is a weaving of dark and light, moments all offering poignant and transformative perspectives.This book is an emotional and spiritual journey offering all the themes inherent to classic fiction, such as good plot, love, death, family drama, and suspense. Highly recommended. Eleanor Sutton Abbot is on the cusp of having her dream of being a successful wool sweater designer come true when she receives a call from England. Her Aunt Alice is dying. She would love to see her before she goes… Is there any way she might make it? This call sets events in motion that forever change Eleanor’s life.SOLSBURY HILL is Eleanor’s discovery of her heritage and herself via a trip to England. Eleanor’s personal journey is marked by ghosts, solitary walks on the moors, and an inheritance, all wrapped up in an homage to Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte. After receiving a call from Gwendolyn Angle, her aunt’s dearest friend and partner, regarding her Aunt Alice’s condition and desire to see her Eleanor reaches out to her best friend and lover, Miles. Her innocent action leads to heartache and a solitary trip to Yorkshire. Alone, Eleanor is forced to face events and revelations without the buffer of Miles; forcing her to discover her unique strengths and eventually her true self.So often these days we equate volume, flamboyance, and drama with passion. Eleanor is elegant in an easy, innate way, restrained without being standoffish or cold. There’s a quiet intensity and thoughtfulness to Eleanor that’s alluring. Eleanor, in a word, is classy. From an old, genteel, monied, Connecticut family, Miles has been Eleanor’s best friend since childhood. He’s also her lover and Eleanor can’t imagine her life without him. Miles has their future mapped out in his head. Her horizons are about to be expanded whether she likes it or not.Meadowscarp MacLeod A.K.A Mead is the ward/foster son of Aunt Alice. His entry into the world was joyous, tragic, and miraculous. The circumstances surrounding his birth left Duncan, his father and Alice’s friend, unable to care for him. Mead describes himself as a scarperer and understands Eleanor in a way Miles can’t. Mead and Miles are as different as day from night. They’re the two men Eleanor must choose between. Are they past, present, or a mysterious blending of one and the same? The way time blends and flows, the ghosts that direct Eleanor and the mysterious, therapeutic moors add to the other elements that make SOLSBURY HILL a magical read. Just right for summer.Reviewed by IvyD for Miss Ivy's Book Nook
What a wonderful story!!!! I am so happy yet so sad that I've finished.
Light reading. I enjoy books which expand on a beloved classic.
Interesting premise but turns out to be a romance novel.
4.5Predictable but definitely enjoyable.
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