Someone Else's Life (2012)
Someone Else's Life (2012)
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0857071416 (ISBN13: 9780857071415)
Simon & Schuster UK
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This book is really good, I read it in one night. Its got everything and it's not a magical fairy tale kind of book, or a dystopian novel but it's a real page turner. I really recommend it to everyone. Its a very emotional book but in a good way. The are so many plot twists, just when you think one is over another will start. Towards the middle of the book it gives you a dual perspective which helps you understand the story better. If you think your family is weird, read this book. On a quest to find her parents after she discovers her mother is not her biological one she discovers all kinds of secrets. I really love this book. My expectations for this book were nowhere close to the actual story. I expected a road trip plot with a lot of hilarious and cheeky banter between the protagonist and her ex-boyfriend as they seek to find the protagonist's real mother. But this book is a lot more complicated and darker than that. I can compare this book to a labyrinth: confusing, messy, and complicated. It is filled with a lot of twists and turns that makes your head whirl. This book must be about 500 pages long, and it was just so hard to keep track of what was going on. It is a dual POV, which I didn't even pick up on until halfway through the book. Until I didn't figure it out, I was so confused as to who the characters were and what was even going on.At first, I truly pitied both Rosie and Holly. They were going through some chaotic moments in their life, and it only seemed to be getting worse for them. But by 3/4ths through the novel, but I was seriously irritated and annoyed at how the plot just seemed to get more tangled and confusing, rather than having a resolution.I thought that the premise seemed really interesting, but unfortunately, it is a little misleading. The majority of the story is about Rosie and Holly's coping with everything going on as they attempt to figure what is going on between them. Characters like Andy and Josh, the respective boyfriends, only play small roles in this huge and messy book.
It was a nice book overall. I loved all the plot twists! Good book to put on "to-read" list.
what a sad and amazing story.i loved this book so damn much, it made me cry alot
Great read, a lot of surprises.
4.5 magical little stars
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