Spilled Blood. Brian Freeman (2012)
Spilled Blood. Brian Freeman (2012)
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The prologue opened with Olivia holding a gun to Ashland’s head and pulling the trigger putting a bullet in Ashland’s brain and killing her. Olivia’s mother, Hannah Groman-Hawk, called her dad, Chris Hawk, an attorney and told him that their daughter was sitting in jail accused of murder. When Olivia’s dad asked her if she did it, Olivia emphatically said no. Tanya, Olivia’s friend, who saw Olivia put the gun to Ashland’s head and saw her pull back the trigger, walked away after Olivia ignored her pleas to put down the gun.Spilled Blood was a fun and scary rollercoaster ride with a story about an issue faced by many USA small towns. None of the characters were likable because they will remind you of those unlikeable people you have to deal with everyday. What made me appreciate the story was that it brought attention to Monsanto who genetically modifies food (GMO), seeds, organisms and anything else that can be modified genetically that may be linked to Autism, leukemia and other illnesses.Joe Barrett’s storytelling made me feel as though I was in the story watching the events go down from afar. It's a very good thriller. Most of the way through I thought there were too many sub-plots and he was trying to cram too many ideas into one story. But I have to admit that it was all tied together nicely in the end. I would have felt better if the main protagonist had been a little more evil and a little less misunderstood, but that's just me. It would have felt better had the company actually been responsible rather than a lone nut working for them.
Very good book by one of my favorite authors.
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