Spirit Fighter (2012)
Spirit Fighter (2012)
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1400318432 (ISBN13: 9781400318438)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
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I liked the idea of a Christian-based fantasy, especially since someone compared it to the Percy Jackson series (which I LOVE). Unfortunately, that was not a good comparison. Pros:I like the fact that it was Christian based and referenced the bible. It took a popular scripture (Ephesians 6:10-17) and applied it in a practical way.Cons:There was not enough action.At times it felt too preachy, even to a Christian like myself.It's got to be difficult to write a Christian-based novel without sounding too preachy, but be able to express your belief. I am curious enough though to continue reading the series. Hopefully it gets more action packed. Jonah's week goes from absolutely horrible to incredible, unbelievable, exciting, slightly scary, adventurous, and life changing. Why? Well, it starts out with him being told to not even bother to come back for basketball tryouts, and then in kicking a soccer ball in frustration afterwards he discovers he has some rather unique skills. It turns out that Jonah's mom is a nephilim, half-human half-angel, which makes Jonah 1/4 angel and gives him the ability to kick soccer balls practically into orbit and run like the wind, among other things. All of this is pretty cool stuff until his mom is kidnapped by Fallen angels, and Elohim sends Jonah and his little sister Eliza on a mission to go rescue her. They encounter some pretty evil beings on the way, but also discover some great allies and learn some powerful truths from God's Word.This book is definitely aimed at the Christian middle grade crowd. I doubt many others will get into it. Christian parents should appreciate the biblical truths taught, and that the angel/demon theology doesn't roam off into Hollywood versions. The warrior angels are presented as tough, macho and slightly intimidating...none of the fluffy cupid stuff. The writing is pretty good and matches the target audience. I'd give it an above average rating for Christian middle grade fiction, but just an average rating for middle grade fiction overall.Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. There are a couple battles between Jonah, Eliza and Fallen angels, but since the Fallen ones cannot die they just turn to dust and are relocated when shot with arrows. If kids are extremely sensitive to spiritual battles, a parent should probably read this with them.
excellent -- shared it with the kids at school - they LOVED it!
*** Recommended for boys who enjoyed Percy Jackson
It was a fun story to get caught up in.
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