Spot The Plot: A Riddle Book Of Book Riddles (2009)
Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles (2009)
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Spot the Plots takes the reader, along with two young detectives and their dog to figure out the stories that are being discussed on each page. The riddles, which are set up as poems, are interesting because they are of many various forms and lengths. Sometimes their forms are even part of the clues. The illustrations, By Lynn Munsinger, also has tons of clues to the answers to the riddles/poems. The illustrations are done in bright watercolors. The illustrations give such great clues that if reading this book to others, I would recommend not showing the illustrations at first. I would read the text and let them guess, and then if they still struggled, I would show them the illustrations as another clue. I also found that when doing this, my children loved to find all the clues in the pictures that could have lead them to answers.Part of my favorite part about this book is that while J. Patrick Lewis chooses very common books, he does go away from the "normal" books that everyone would pick. He also picks books that are common for a few different age groups. Some of the books are preschool, while others a younger elementary. I would recommend this book to younger elementary because I feel that they will have read majority (if not all) of the books by that time. If students had not read one of the books, these riddles could also spark an interest into reading a new title. Another idea is for students to come up with their own riddles/poems for books that are read throughout the year. A class anthology could be made to give as a gift to the students at the end of the year! I love this book. Not only does this book have clever riddles, but also cute illustrations. I enjoy sharing these with my students and having them try to guess what book is being described. For the older students I wait to show the pictures until they've had a few guesses because the illustrations really give some great clues. Several of the books highlighted have been made into movies so the younger students have a good chance at guessing most of the titles. Some of the books included are: The Wizard of Oz, Madeline, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Where's Waldo, Goodnight Moon, and Pinnochio. Interestingly, the one that students consistently don't know is The Story of Ferdinand. I remember loving that story when I was younger, but I guess fewer kids are exposed to it these days. Anyway, this book provides lots of book-related fun. My only complaint? I wish there were more riddles included. :)
Great book -lovely riddles. Might even encourage kids to read few of the books!
What's not to like about this book of book riddles by J. Patrick Lewis.
Very cute and clever--I think I only missed reading one book
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This one looks great!
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