Star Soldier (2000)
Star Soldier (2000)
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Again with the dreaded 3 star rating. This of course can mean anything it seems. For me it can mean anything from pretty good to not good but well written.This is an interesting book, with an interesting plot, based on an interesting idea. I definitely plan to follow the series.On Earth ruled by a totalitarian government fighting a civil war with the colonies of the outer planets the people are controlled and "happy". You better be happy because if you aren't, if you're different, if you want to think differently than everyone else there's a place for you in reeducation. And those "places" get progressively unpleasant. Really unpleasant.The outer planets were once controlled by improved human troops. Bigger, stronger, faster, more intelligent. But they lost control of them. Now they're called The Highborn...humans are, "premen".Then there are those few people who just insist on thinking for know being reeducated.The book begins interestingly and it pulled me right in. Then about a quarter of the way in it just began to lose my interest. It's not necessarily "slow" there is action it just flagged somehow. I had to hang on tight and make myself go on. Then about the last quarter of the book, it picked back up and became very interesting.So, hang in there. I like the book, I like the story and I plan to read the next in the series. I have very mixed feelings about this whole series.The author is clearly not polished. Much of the writing is quite good, then I'll come across an incorrect word usage (verses vs. versus, used repeatedly), awkward sentence construction, or just something a bit weird that a good editor would correct. Which leads me to believe that these are self-edited and self-published.The overall plot is interesting, although it has some holes. The characters are a bit shallow/cardboard, as well.And that said, I've read the first few books in the series because I wanted to see how it all comes out.
Great book. I loved the story enough to read several more in this series.
I would recommend this series. Well written & fast paced.
Pop sci-fi. same ol, same ol.
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