Starting Point (2014)
Starting Point (2014)
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Totally Bound
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I really thought that after the disappointing second installment, the third book will be able to pick it up but oh lawd! No! It spiraled down even deeper. Like it “cannot be saved deep,” “Like what the hell happened deep?”After finally reaching his breaking point, all Matthew Elliot can do now is to start over. And when I said start over – he decided to become Superman trying to save everyone. I think he was punched really hard in the second book and something happened with him psychologically. I don’t even know this new Matt. I’m not sure if he’s downright annoying or just too much everything.I’m so glad that Kira somehow stayed in character but I really thought that he’s way better with someone else. That’s just for me though. I’d stop now because I’ve nothing more good to say about this third book. This was a fluke for sure at least for me. It’s just…tsk tk tsk.Rating: 2 out of 5 stars I loved this book but omg it was so heartbreaking. I'm not gonna lie, tissues were definitely needed. It also had some humor as well so that was a great way to balance out the sadness. This author incorporated two of my favorite themes in M/M books: family & diversity. I also love reading about characters with special needs, in this case it's deafness. I'm not deaf but I would love to learn ASL, I just think it's a beautiful way to communicate.I really enjoyed the entire series and I'm so sorry to see it end. I think this author did a fantastic job & will definitely check out her other books.
It was sweet. I liked it, but I wasn't terribly blown away in this one, but I adored the ending.
4.25 stars
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